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Designing The Next Stage of Your Remarkable Life

SOMA residents, Mark & Risa have been on the move all their lives — and they’re still moving!

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By day Kat’s a teacher and Jay’s a CFO, by night its all music for these Mapso natives.

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Joe & Leslie retired from careers in transportation to pursue their passions.

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By choice, retirement is a way off, but she’s already pursuing her passion.

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After years as an entrepreneur Matt’s sailing around the world.

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Beth nurtures young professionals and is also learning to cultivate all things green.

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Holly & Rob ’s passion for basketball means there’s no sitting on the sidelines!

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John's career taught him to design well, so for the next stage he is creating new projects to tackle.

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It's your future.  Let's plan it.  

From Maplewood to Manhattan and beyond, our clients are active, engaged, creative people.  For them, retirement is going to be the next stage of their remarkable life and we help them build a clear path toward achieving it.  

What If ?

"What if I want to retire early?"

"What if I want to leave money to charity?"

"What if I want to travel the world?"

"What if I don't have a roadmap for retirement?"

The GenWealth Group wholeheartedly embraces

your "what ifs".   As your partner, our team of Certified Financial PlannersTM navigates all of these questions and prepares your personalized financial plan to address them.  

By combining the disciplines of financial planning and wealth management, we seamlessly integrate and organize your

finances to help create an engine that can propel you toward your life's goals.

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