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Our Clients' Remarkable Lives 

Who We Serve

By day Kat’s a teacher and Jay’s a CFO, by night its all music for these Mapso natives.

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Joe & Leslie retired from careers in transportation to pursue their passions.

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By choice, retirement is a way off, but she’s already pursuing her passion.

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After years as an entrepreneur Matt’s sailing around the world.

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Beth nurtures young professionals and is also learning to cultivate all things green.

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Holly & Rob ’s passion for basketball means there’s no sitting on the sidelines!

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SOMA residents, Mark & Risa have been on the move all their lives — and they’re still moving!

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John's career taught him to design well, so for the next stage he is creating new projects to tackle.

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Every milestone is a memorable experience…

After Long Careers In Transit, Passions Beckon

Joe and Leslie of West Orange retired after long careers in corporate positions helping all of us get to and from our favorite places: Joe at NJ Transit and Leslie at NYC's MTA. Joe's passion is photography and Leslie's? "I'm a make up and hair model for my nine year old granddaughter," she says with a laugh.

Working Longer By Choice

By day, she is an attorney and leader in the Japanese American community. She loves helping clients solve problems and bringing people together. She embraces a passion for handcrafted goods with a Japanese aesthetic - and it shows in her downtown Maplewood shop, Kokoro.

Who knows what her future will bring? Promoting Japanese culture, volunteering, taking pottery lessons... pursuing her creative side will certainly be a big part of it!

Service and Adventure

After years as an entrepreneur, securing multiple patents and exiting the business he built, Matt now pursues his passion for service and the sea. He serves his community as an EMT and he'll be on the crew for the 2023-24 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. For Matt, retirement means time to explore challenges and create lifelong memories.

Starting Young

Kat and Jay may cut loose on the weekends, but they are serious about having the freedom to pursue their passion for making music later in life. They've decided to get an early start. 

Taking a Time Out

Holly and Rob share a love for basketball and boating. Winters find them in referee stripes officiating high school games while summers are spent on their boat ("Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow") on Lake Hopatcong.

Designing a Master Plan

John created large scale design projects while Beth designed professional career paths. These SOMA natives haven't stopped in retirement. John continues to design in his workshop and Beth continues to grow careers and cultivate her garden.

Always on the Move!

Mark and Risa’s “retirement” is all about forward motion. Risa, Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer motivates older adults to lead active lives and as President of Freewalkers, Inc., she promotes long distance walking. When he’s not practicing law, Mark is racking up miles on his road bike or hiking with Risa


We’re deeply involved in the communities we serve: from Mapso to Livingston, Millburn to Short Hills and beyond. We understand why so many choose to make these unique communities their home. Befitting the very active and engaged people who live here, we believe that our collaborative approach best serves our clients.  Our knowledgeable team is committed to assisting individuals, families and institutions with an average of $1 million in investable assets.


Our clients are well-informed and well-traveled; seeking new adventures and experiences as they start the next stage of their remarkable lives. Many have been working longer than previous generations, but want to play harder in their retirement to enjoy an active and inspiring quality of life.


For many of our clients, their families are the center of their lives. There can be times of financial worry and stress as people plan to retire or experience new challenges at each stage. At The GenWealth Group, we aim to help plan and reassure, guiding each and every client to navigate these ups and downs.


At The GenWealth Group, we want to help ensure your financial well-being and guide you toward the retirement you desire. Managing money requires time and expertise, and when you partner with us, you have the opportunity  to enjoy the life you’ve cultivated.